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I finished permanent employment in December 2019 and was looking forward to various adventures: continuing to work with clay, some travelling, walking, and a visit from my friend Bronwen from the UK. On her way to Australia she broke her arm cycling in Myanmar and had to return home.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the bush fires raged. Thredbo was closed, so walking was cancelled. My friend Sally came to stay, bringing with her a bottle of French Rose. We made a toast to Bronwen, our absent friend. 

The French Rose was the first bottle I attempted to make a mold from, and for me it represents the start of 2020, a strange year of creativity and exploration. A return to making after so many years of working to survive.

March arrived, and life changed. A quieter time. I was making in my garage, which has a beautiful outlook onto lots of trees. 2020 was a distressing year listening to world news that was difficult to digest. This quiet period allowed me the time and headspace to make.

We went into lockdown, and I became part of a pod with a few of my neighbours. In particular Tiffiney, Christo and their four year old son Callahan. Within our little bubble, we felt safe enough to visit and share meals and beverages. 

I made one of Adam Liaw’s Covid Lockdown recipes. The oil bottle, the passata sauce bottle, and wine for the recipe, along with some key ingredients—the eggplant, mushrooms, and garlic—became parts of the complete work. Christo came with a special bottle of wine.  The whole work represents shared stories and deeper connections with people who I previously had not known as well.

One family arrived with a Galway Pipe bottle. After the mold was dry enough to pour in the porcelain slip, Saskia, their 8-year-old daughter, came to help. During the day she came several times to prepare and pour the slip into the mold, returning when the work was ready to remove. Thanks to Saskia for her great contribution. 

The last year has been a quiet, contemplative time. For many years I longed for the chance to return to making and creating, and 2020 gave me the space and time to achieve my goal. It was also a time to get to know and make friends with people on my doorstep.

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