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Andrew Sutherland Peter Ronne return to ASW for their 3rd exhibition of painting and sculpture from 

 August 7 to August 16  2020. The official Opening will take place on Saturday August 8 from 3pm. 


For Andrew Sutherland World events have caused a personal revelation of what's important in his life; what's necessary and what's just a 'want'. “ Covid 19 has forced us to do what many wanted to but couldn't because the 'system' didn't allow it, that is; to evaluate, slow down and simplify our lives. A tempered apocalypse.” 

Sutherland’s works are visually arresting and emotion charged. He employs a variety of mediums and collage techniques in his artistic process. Throughout the period of Covid 19 uncertainty, Sutherland has found in his life and through his art practice, that “in the midst of the chaos and upheaval, the mundane and banal happenings of life and relationships continue, though perhaps with a new perspective.” Andrew Sutherland July 2020


Peter Ronne works primarily with timber. Huon Pine, Red Gum and Oak are carved and often combined to create unique sculptural pieces . The works are often imbued with humour and not unlike Sutherlands works in this show, are based on our experiences of living with a worldwide pandemic and his observations of everyday living. 


Ronne’s explanation for the title of the show carries the weight of Covid 19 concerns. “Well Tempered references humankind’s ongoing compulsion to tinker with nature in order to ‘improve’ it and make it more amenable to whatever purpose. Whilst,  “Apocalypse is Greek for revelation. It has become, over the years, somewhat freighted with a sense of disaster and inevitable catastrophe.”  


“Please enjoy our little Well Tempered Apocalypse as a short rest from the interesting meanderings of the new day to day.”   Peter Ronne – July  2020

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