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SEPT 18 - 27


Dan Nelson presents PASS, a new body of works on paper. 


These colourful, light-filled paintings based on the form of an hourglass started as quiet meditations, an attempt to find solace during the pandemic. 


PASS refers to the process of making images as a way to mark time and its passing, but also to the idea of creative practice as a pass to another way of thinking and feeling about life.


“The more I went back to make paintings based on the hourglass, the more I began to realise its potency - as a symbol of time passing, of separation and togetherness, the finite and the infinite, abundance and emptiness, of all these dichotomies and the spaces in between.”


In this series of abstract oil paintings, she continues her practice of presenting sequences of images that draw on repetition, abstraction and erasure. Presented unframed on paper, the works are raw and informal. 


This is Nelson’s third solo exhibition at ASW, following Feeling the Moon (2016) and Another Skin (2018). More recently, she has exhibited as part of two curated exhibitions at the University of Newcastle Gallery, Reimagining the Canon (2019) and Erasure (2019). Her work is represented in the University of Newcastle Collection and in many private collections. She is currently a resident studio artist at Newcastle Art Space.

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