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FROM 3pm


Roberta Wiseman and Sandra Minter join together at ASW to present MEMORIES.


"Our memory is our coherence," wrote the surrealist Spanish-born film-maker, Luis Buñuel, "our reason, our feeling, even our action." Lose your memory and you lose a basic connection with who you are.


Wiseman and Minter both create works that capture a sense of memory through fading or disintegrating imagery. This contemplative body of work delves into the temporal extent of recollection of lived events - the periods of past time, people, travels and events that they recall. Wiseman elaborates, ‘My choice of subjects is primarily landscape. I introduce and interweave elements of country life.’


For Roberta Wiseman, her life on the land, its joys and hardships has inspired her and shapes her artistic practise. Through her experimentation of colour, texture and mixed mediums, she reveals herself  in her feelings and memories of the land and stories of times past. This approach best conveys her interpretation and inspiration for her art works.


Sandra Minter has used her photographic studies whilst travelling recently in Norway, the Highlands of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides and the south island of New Zealand as reference points for her latest body of work.

Minter has created a series of photographic images that have been digitally manipulated to express as she points out ‘more the creative process rather than the desire to document reality.’  Within the process of developing this body of work, she has experimented with one of the original landscape photos, firstly painting it then rephotographing the painting in sections and then manipulating those photos.’


The resulting images  of the regions of Scotland, Norway and New Zealand were chosen primarily for their wild and moody landscapes which Minter found very appealing  and striking, especially when viewed in black and white. In other works, Minter has  added text and figurative structures to enhance the “mood” of the artwork - a telling of an “….. emptiness that connotes anxiety or our fear of what the future holds”1. perhaps!’


1. The Aesthetics of Black and White Photography: An Introduction.

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